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At Vanguard Automotive Design, we combine our extensive knowledge and experience in in-car acoustics, high-end mobile electronics, and automotive customization to deliver unparalleled quality and service.  Our team utilizes modern installation and fabrication techniques to create exceptional audiophile-oriented mobile audio sound systems, highly effective radar & laser countermeasure systems, and flawless Xpel Paint Protection Film installations, among other services.

Whether you desire seamless integration or unique sound and styling enhancements, we guarantee that your vehicle will exceed your expectations in terms of sound quality, functionality, and aesthetics.  We challenge the perception that achieving audiophile-grade playback in a car or installing a custom radar and laser defense system compromises the look of your vehicle.  We also ensure that our services can be achieved without any permanent modifications. 

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment for a demonstration and experience the Vanguard of Automotive Design firsthand.  Discover how we can elevate your car’s performance and aesthetics to new heights.   

Chris Gliemann

Owner, Operator, Fabricator, Electronics Specialist

After accumulating over 20 years of experience working at renowned shops globally, Chris made the decision to transition from being an employee to becoming an owner/operator.  He had gained a reputation as the go-to person for clients, who would only leave their cars when he was present at the shop.  Wherever Chris went, his customer base continued to grow, following him like the pied piper.  In 2019, Chris established Epic Wurx, specializing in Radar & Laser Countermeasures, custom mobile electronics, lighting, audio, and custom interior/exterior fabrication.  During his time at Epic Wurx, Chris exclusively catered to a private client list, relying soley on word-of-mouth referrals without any advertising.  With his extensive experience, exceptional skills, and unwavering determination, Chris laid the perfect groundwork to establish Vanguard Automotive Design.  Vanguard focuses on seamlessly integrating various installations with your vehicle, excelling not only in car audio but also in Radar & Laser countermeasures, Xpel-PPF, window tinting, ceramic coating, marine audio upgrades, and upholstery.  Our team at Vanguard is capable of turning your dreams into reality.  We invite you to visit us and discover what sets us apart, and of course, become a part of the Vanguard family.   

Chris Gliemann Vanguard Automotive Design in New York

Vanguard Automotive Design - We can handle it all

We specialize in providing a range of automotive customization services.  Our expertise includes the installation of high-quality car audio systems, radar detector and laser jammer systems, paint correction film, ceramic coating, and various other components.  Our level of craftsmanship is unparalleled, ensuring that every installation seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, appearing as if it was a factory option.  Rest assured; we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.   

Vanguard Automotive Design in New York

Expect a higher standard

We aren’t satisfied with being “just another audio shop”… We provide expert-level design, fabrication, installation, tuning, and execution in which you can SEE and HEAR the difference.


Worried about how the various components will fit in your vehicle? We have the knowledge and experience to custom fabricate whatever is necessary to facilitate virtually any installation you can dream up, no matter if the result you are looking for is an OEM look, or something completely custom and unique.


Our expert technicians are held to the highest standards and levels of quality. We regularly perform work on some of the most high-end vehicles on the road and specialize in performing installations that maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s appearance, and resale value. Our specialists can be trusted with anything from your everyday commuter car up to the most exotic and unique vehicles on the road today.


Vanguard Automotive Design was founded and operated by car enthusiasts with a passion for car audio and specialized vehicle modifications. We can answer any questions you may have about modifying your vehicle to get the result you are looking for. Call today for a free consultation.

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