At Vanguard Automotive Design we take pride in the work we perform, no matter how big or small your project is. Here are some testimonials & reviews from some of our clients about their experience with working us on their projects.

Porsche 718 Spyder Cayman Pinstripe Black Out Color Match Paint Badges in new york new jersey

Tony P.
Porsche 718 Spyder

“I was first referred to Vanguard Automotive Design by a local Porsche specialty shop when I inquired about a few different services for my 718 Spyder. I had originally inquired about doing paint protection film, and eventually a radar detector and laser jammer system, and other cosmetic enhancements. 

Being new to all of this, I had known nothing about PPF and nor radar and laser defense systems when I first spoke to the Vanguard Team, I was walked through everything and was given all of the information I needed to help make the right decision without feeling pushed or upsold. Between our emails and phone calls, I felt very comfortable and decided on doing the full vehicle in Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film with Xpel Ceramic Coating on the body, glass, and wheels/brakes, and also did a stealth installation of a Radenso RCM Ultimate Edition radar detector and laser jammer with TX sensors in the front and rear. 

Before dropping the vehicle off the Vanguard Team had made sure to go over and be upfront about expectations and time frames, both of which ended up right on target. This was a nice surprise for me as I have been in situations before where expectations were met, but ended up taking much longer than I was prepped for. With Vanguard, that was not an issue. 

When dropping the vehicle off I was greeted by the Vanguard Team and we went over the vehicle together, and then went over the whole install one more time to show me exactly how everything would be installed. We also decided to add some matching pin stripping and painting to color-match emblems. They had a really good sense of what was appropriate for the vehicle and were able to keep me from possibly making some bad decisions. 

The Vanguard team was able to keep me up to date along the way without spoiling the end result.  Once they were done with all of the paint protection film, ceramic coating, radar/laser, and cosmetic work the day had finally come to pick the vehicle up.  I could not be happier with the end result. The paint protection film installation is flawless and it’s amazing how invisible it is. I haven’t found any imperfections on the entire vehicle. The radar and laser system installation blends in so well and looks as if it were an original part of the vehicle. The controller for the radar and laser system is probably my favorite part. They had integrated it into the original ashtray in a way that makes it fully appear as a factory option and even has an engraved “Spyder” logo that very subtly lights up when the car is on. This was really an amazing touch that I totally did not expect. 

Once I had the opportunity to go over everything visually, one of the shop guys walked me through the Radenso system and how to use it, and how to care for the paint protection film and took care of any other questions I had. The price, while not the cheapest in town, I feel was appropriate for the level of work that was completed. In the end, I am very happy with the end result and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vanguard Automotive Design to anyone else for their paint protection film and radar and laser system needs. “

Sal Z.
Lamborghini Huracan Evo

“Finally after 1 year of frustration with my EVO stereo.

First I changed speakers to Focal ISU200 tweeters & Door speakers using adaptors for doors. Sound quality improved but still wasn’t that good. Next I know I needed an amp but didn’t wanted splice into the factory harness unless I was able to reverse the install. So I tried to find a Plug and Play harness for the EVO.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers would not make one for me because in the EVO, Lambo uses a proprietary connector, which wasn’t available. After countless days of research I did find the proprietary connectors. But the Manufacturer I contacted for a Plug & Play Harness, just keep jerking me around. Finally by a fluke, I found a post initially on facebook for a custom volume controller for the EVO. A nice dial to adjust volume without driving off the road using my touch screen infotainment center. And even when I got good at fondling my touch screen, there still was a delay in audio adjustments. Which sucked!

So, I called up Vanguard Automotive Design for info on their volume controller. I spoke to one of the staff (whomever answered the phone).  He patiently answered all my questions and there were a ton of them, I finally got a sense of reassurance on proceeding with an install. VAD would set me up with a custom-made Plug & Play Harness, a dial LED volume control which would also utilize a hidden amp, all totally reversible.

This would give me great sound and total control of the stereo system. The best part was the Vanguard shop was only a 2-hour drive. I was able to get an appointment, and when I got to the shop it was better than the pictures I had seen. After a tour of the shop and meeting the TEAM, the project was started. But enough with my rambling. The finish install was more than I ever expected. The sound for the Stage 1 install was Awesome, again I wasn’t looking to shatter my windows, just a great clean sound with more bass and volume. The only complaint I had was not being able to find out about these guys last year. It would have same me a lot of Valium. Hopefully advertising and customer word of mouth will spread for these guys, they deserve it. They were uniquely qualified in different areas of expertise. They are high end shop for a variety of automotive needs, which you can check out on Facebook and their website. 

I will definitely be returning to Vanguard real soon for some more goodies and I really enjoyed hanging out with these guys. They are the real deal, no BS or overselling. Special thanks to the VANGUARD team and their hospitality.”

Andy C.
Lamborghini Huracan Evo

“Hi All,
So I am the person that dd’s this evo and while the potholes cause me to wince, the joy I experience each morning at start up and accelerating onto the parkway make it worth it!

I don’t post too often, but the work performed by Vanguard was outstanding.

I contacted Vanguard after reading about them on the Lamborghini forums. I am thrilled to report that they are awesome, and the reviews were not hyperbole! They went out of their way to explain all of my options based on what I wanted to accomplish (kick ass sound with pin drop clarity) and they went out if their way to accommodate my schedule.

While I LOVE the engine note on my evo, I live in the northeast and that means numerous days with bad weather (I use snow tires in the winter months) and also traffic in the summer which requires windows up with the a/c on… and these situations make the music a necessity and high-quality music mandatory. For those that have the sensonum upgrade, you know that the $4k sensonum upgrade gets you basic porsche sound.

Vanguard was amazing and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to perform any audio upgrade.”