Can phantom vehicle anti-theft immobilizer
installation in new york

The CAN Phantom car security system prevents your vehicle’s engine from starting until a unique PIN code has been entered. This protects your vehicle from theft, including the growing issue of keyless theft. The system uses your own unique disarm sequence that utilizes the vehicle’s internal buttons and switches.

Undetectable by thieves

The device remains completely hidden in your vehicle, disguised as another auto part.

quick and easy installation

The CAN Bus immobilizer is retrofitted to the vehicle in under 2 hours.

Simple wifi user interface

Change your settings or turn on Valet Mode when needed.

white glove service

We can come to you for your CAN Phantom installation!

competitively priced

Our Can-Phantom units are $1,500 for most vehicles, which includes professional installation.

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Can Phantom Vehicle Immobilizer

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