The car has a standard 12V system.  The audio system OEM integration was a bit intensive but easy with proper audio signal measurement software.

  • Helix V Twelve Mk2 DSP Amplifier with Helix Conductor controller
  • (2) Mosconi AS200,2 Amplifiers, each bridged to a subwoofer
  • BLAM Multix TSM 25 S45 Silk Tweeter in OEM A-Pillar location
  • BLAM Multix MS2 2″Wideband in the OEM dash location
  • BLAM Signature WS8.100 8″ Midbass in the OEM front door location
  • BLAM Live L165P 6.5″ Components in rear doors
  • BLAM Live LFR80 3″ Wideband in the C-Pillar
  • (2) Illusion Audio C12 Carbon Shallow Subwoofers

The rear door speaker were tuned as a stero set and were in time with the front speakers to help increase output, and the C-Pillar mounted widebands were used to rear fill to further enhance the over all enjoyment.