Radar & Laser Defense Systems

Car Radar detector & Laser Jammer System Installation In New York

At Vanguard Automotive Design in New York, we know that as a car enthusiast, you like to drive spiritedly from time to time. But with the risk of getting tickets and the associated insurance prices, it’s not always easy and can be worry-inducing. That’s why we offer a radar detector and laser jammer system installation that blends in so well, that you’ll have to know where to look to see it. Our systems are tailored specifically for your car, so you can enjoy your drives without worrying about getting pulled over.

Custom & Built-in Systems

We carry only the most reputable brands, so you can be sure that your investment will be well-protected. Our team of experts can install our radar detector and laser jammer packages in any make or model car, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible defense against costly fines and penalties.
Protect Your Vehicle

Be Invisible

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Our custom-installed radar and laser packages are the perfect way to keep your vehicle appearing as it did off the showroom floor. This is because our systems feature discreet components that are built-in, making it invisible to onlookers. Plus, its radar detection performance is better than a windshield-mounted detector. They also offer complete laser-jamming capabilities, which dash mount radar detectors do not.

Looking for the best in automotive laser defense? Vanguard Automotive Design has you covered. Our installers can configure the systems to automatically stop transmitting the laser jamming signal after a predetermined amount of time. This way, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible protection without raising eyebrows. With our custom installation, you can be confident that it will blend in with your car like stock.

Benefits & Features of Radar & Laser Defense Systems

Prevents costly speeding tickets

Having a radar detector and laser jammer system can help alert you to when police are nearby, so you can adjust your speed accordingly. No matter how good of a driver you are, nobody likes getting a ticket.

Invisible to the naked eye

With discreet components that are built-in, it's invisible to the naked eye and will keep the OEM look of your vehicle, as well as deterring thieves and onlookers alike.

Drive without fear

Speeding tickets are expensive and time consuming. The consequences of a speeding ticket could be even more so, which is why it pays off in the long run to invest in getting yourself a car radar and laser defense system.

Work in all weather

Radio waves and infrared light can penetrate all kinds of weather conditions, so you'll still get fewer speeding tickets even if it rains or storms.

Ticket Free Guarantee

The Radar Detector and Laser Jammer products that we offer here at Vanguard Automotive Design come with their own Ticket Free Guarantee's! Contact us for more details on this.

No Permanent Modifications

Here at Vanguard Automotive Design, everything we install is done in a way that maintains the integrity and value of the vehicle. We will leave no trace or residual damage when it comes time to move on to your next vehicle.

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Why Vanguard Automotive Design?

At Vanguard Automotive Design, we specialize in the installation of radar detection and laser jamming systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom solution that perfectly integrates with your car’s design. Because we understand that your car is an extension of your personality, we take the time to get to know you and your needs before starting any work. We also have many options to choose from to get your vehicle protected to a level that you are comfortable and happy with.


What are some of the questions people most often ask about laser and defense systems?

Radar detection is the simpler of the two. They work by detecting specific frequencies of radio waves, which operate in 3 different bandwidths: X, K, and Ka bands. What makes one radar detector better than the other outside of its range is its ability to filter out false alerts. These pesky false alerts are common among cheaper radar detectors and even more expensive windshield-mounted units. Laser jamming is a bit trickier.


Laser uses infrared light to gather data on vehicle speed and is currently being picked up by many police departments around the country for its accuracy and its inability to be detected until its too late. How laser jammers work is they, within fractions of a second, sense the infrared light signal, determine which type of laser gun is being used, and transmit back an appropriate scrambled signal for that specific laser gun. This prevents the laser gun from getting a reading for a user-determined period of time.

Radar detection is perfectly legal in most states. The only place you will have trouble with that is Virginia and the District Of Columbia. Laser Jammers are also perfectly legal in most states. Currently they are illegal in California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. They are perfectly legal in our home state of New York and our surrounding states.
Yes and no. All radar detectors will detect police radar to some extent, but there are differences in range, sensitivity, filtering, GPS capability, and other features that can make one detector better than another. In our opinion, the most important thing that separates a good radar detector from a bad one is its ability to filter out false alerts.
Laser detection systems will only tell you that you are being targeted by a laser gun. A laser defense system, on the other hand, will actually emit a signal that will interfere with the laser gun and prevent it from getting a reading. If you have a laser detector, its only being used to tell you to get ready to pull over.